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  • alan pinto

    hi sir
    i have a 2015 mustang ecoboost ,and i wached some of your videos on youtube and i really like the idea of getting the RC1 kit to my mustang ecoboost ,was trying to get some more info out of the website , but it seems to be under construction .
    i hope you can answer some of my questions , i really want to boost my mustang but i want to do it safely ,
    in order for me to install the RC1 kit whats is the modification needs to be done before i get it?
    do you guys recommend the RC1 kit to be install by juggernaut or it can be done by any experience mechanic?
    in terms of durability ,is this kit could effect the life of the engine in the short or long therm ?
    and the most important question for me ,whats the price for RC1 kit including installation ?
    pls let me know and thanks for your time

    • Jon Bowen

      Alan I believe you communicated with us via email correct? If not, shoot me an email at

  • Matt Martin

    If I could afford an Alpha Male Twin Turbo could I get a veteran discount lol. Ret. SSG 22 years

    • Jon Bowen

      Of course, we always take care of our veterans.

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