2018 Mustang Refresh Spied!

2018 Mustang! Note this is another test article. Still playing with website formatting. But mines well talk about something fun! The 18 Mustang is coming! Not the GT500 is not. The GT350 will carry over as evident by information found in the Color + Trim Guide ordering system. However, the 18 base models will have new taillights and valance with quad tip exhaust on the GT. The a pillar forward is also new, with a slightly lower architecture similar to curreny GT350. New bumper design and headlights are similar but tweaked. Interior gets upgrades and both the Ecoboost and GT get engine upgrades. Don’t know what yet! Probably DI on the coyote and some more power from the Eco. Possibly phasing out the V6? This is news, not a rumor 🙂 We’ve seen it!

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