TVG Drag Car and Race Team Revealed!

PTSD is not new. It is an after effect that veterans have been experiencing since the first time man clashed in battle. Veterans come home to attempt one of the most difficult achievements known to mankind; adjust to a world that is unfamiliar to them. During this exhausting effort and courageous fight, after they leave the battlegrounds, many fall and succumb to their demons. Because of these dark realities, an average of 22 combat veterans take their own lives on a daily basis in this great country. This not only affects our fallen heroes but it affects those that love them. The strain on families during this adjustment period back into the civilian world can be just as traumatizing.

There are many great people in this country trying to raise awareness and bring hope to those that have none. I want to step out into the light and away from the shadows and become one of these people. You see although I am the founder of Juggernaut Power I am first and foremost a veteran. Yes I too suffer from PTSD. I am no longer ashamed or embarrassed of knowing I have to battle through this on a daily basis. I am one of the fortunate ones that has an amazing support system and family. Yet there have been many days where I have questioned my existence as have many others before me and many others will after me.

Because of my experiences and the experiences of other fellow veterans we at Juggernaut Power have decided to do our part to raise awareness and bring hope to those that have none. It is with great pleasure and a humbled soul, that we present to you Juggernaut Power’s Veterans Tribute Drag S550 Mustang. This vehicle has been designed and will be built to campaign on behalf of not only our fallen veterans but also those that to this day struggle with the mental anguish of PTSD.

We have assembled an amazing team of vendors, manufacturers, and supporters to make this dream a reality. We may not be the largest performance shop in the country but I can guarantee you that we carry the strongest weapons into battle. Those weapons consist of the most amazing group of individuals in the automotive performance industry. Although we may no longer battle on the soils of foreign nations we will continue to battle for our veterans that struggle with this terrible disease.

The S550 Mustang formerly known as “Project Juggernaut” now known as “War Machine” will feature many of the highest quality components known in the automotive community. It will be a coyote based engine that is full of custom Manley  Performance components. These components will be spun by a Winberg Crankshaft. This power plant will paired up with a TR 6060 manual transmission built by Ben Calimer. On top of this gearbox you will find an MGW shifter provided by the man himself, George Ciamillo. Vortech supercharger’s has been put up to the task to provide high a volume of air to be force fed into this modular motor set up. GForce Engineering is providing a stout 9 inch Independent Rear Suspension assembly that will allow this war machine to maintain positive traction on the ground during the violent high rpm launches. Baer brakes has been brought on board to slow down this high horse power machine after the 1320’ marker. Mickey Thompson is providing the steam rollers that will be wrapped around RC Component drag wheels. To lighten this warrior up for battle, Anderson Composites is providing an assortment of high-strength light body components. Dennis McPherson from DMC Racing has provided an absolute work of art in the interior by building an appropriate cage that will maintain the pilot safe during these high mile per hour low ET runs. To apply all of this power to the ground on a consistent basis, UPR Products has come up big in support of this Veterans Tribute S550 Drag Mustang. Not only did they throw caution to the wind, they threw their entire catalog at this project. PMAS, the manufacturers of the greatest cold air intake systems in the country, are providing a custom set up to allow all of this violent air to be channeled in a smooth manner. Josh Yaitras, owner of Designs N Signs is providing the military inspired wrap for the car. The final render has been designed by a very talented car enthusiast Robert Bodis, owner of Owlempires CGI. All of these components will have to work in harmony and that is where the mad scientists at Lund Racing step in. Not only are these fine gentleman tuning this vehicle, but they have also provided much of the consulting and design work for our yet to be revealed powerplant.

Please follow along as we build this exciting project into reality in the coming months. A live unveiling will be scheduled at that point for the world to see “War Machine”.

This also marks the launch of the TVG Race Team. We have assembled a few select individuals who are professionals and build and race their own cars. These people will be helping us by running under the TVG Banner and helping us raise awareness for PTSD through their cars. We have on board Ben Calimer of Calimer Transmissions, Torrey Browne’s Coyote Stock Fox project, Matt Honeycutt’s 2000 GT, Dave Tyo of Red Hood Racing, Gumby Sanders of TexasSpeedLab Performance and the fastest Coyote swapped F-150 in the world, and Anthony Santora of Santora’s Tire & Exhaust S550 Turbo car. We are pleased to have these people willing to help us support our veterans.

Thank you everyone for your support not only for this project, but more importantly to raise awareness and bring hope to those that have none.

For support or inquiries about having your company involved in this project please send a message or email Jon Bowen or Rey Rivera to the following email addresses:

Thank you again. God bless our troops and God bless the United States of America.