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Recently we’ve partnered up with Yandro and his team on his stick shift 1998 Cobra! Here are some excerpts from a great writeup did on him and his car!

“The car started out with a set of long tube headers and a 75 shot of nitrous for some street fun after I got it. I switched to a Vortech blower and E85 and that’s when things started to get crazy. My first pass in the car was a 10-second 1/8-mile run. After that, I went on to the ON3 Performance turbo kit and the car made over 1,200 horsepower. Things just got faster and more fun from there,” Ulloa explains.
Ulloa began to upgrade the Cobra more and ended up running an 8.47 at a Street Car Takeover event — the only problem was the Mustang was eating T56 transmissions like candy. The answer was to upgrade from mildly-built units for more durability and that did the trick. Eventually, the original engine blew a freeze plug out with the stock headed combination he was using and that led Ulloa to upgrade the last few remaining weak links on the engine to bring it to where it is today.

The Mustang is still a stock suspension car with only a few changes from High Revolution Fabrication and Performance(HRFP). A custom anti-roll bar and subframe connectors were added by HRFP to accompany the roll cage and weight reduction in the engine compartment. A slew of suspension components from UPR Products round out the chassis on the Mustang. At the end of each wild pass, Ulloa brings the Minion to a stop with a full set of Aerospace Components brakes.

Yandro clicked off his best time just yesterday February 16th with a 7.674. The fastest stick shift Mustang on the planet!

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