2015 Juggernaut RC1

For our first customer ride post we are doing some testing. So we will keep it in house. This is our Juggernaut RC1. It is based on an Ecoboost model and is currently owned and driven by Jon’s wife, Carriel. The car started as a Eco Premium MT82 car. We then added the following modifications!

-MAPerformance Turbo Kit

-Borla Touring Exhaust

-Torsen Rear w/ 3.73s

-DSS Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

-BC Racing Double Adjustable Coil-over Ststem

-BMR Sway Bars, bushings

-UPR Toe Rods and Vertical Links

-JP Rear Spoiler by 101blur

-15″ Brembo Brakes

-and more!

sema-2015-juggernaut-mustang-550-hp-900-hp-eco-boost-engine sema-2015-juggernaut-mustang-550-hp-900-hp-eco-boost-rear sema-2015-juggernaut-mustang-550-hp-900-hp-sema-exhibit

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Comments (6)
  • Vince

    Hey what state are you located

    • Jon Bowen

      We are in CT

  • Randy gaudet

    What wheels are on the 2015 juggernaut rc1?

    • Jon Bowen

      Forgestar CF10s. We can set you up 🙂

  • Dane W.

    Was driving Home Last night when I saw the RC1 car on 95N in Orange CT..I was stunned at it’s Beauty! Reminded me of the Mustang in the movie Need for Speed.. Very nice color scheme and nice aftermarket accessories, clean not gaudy. Well done guys!
    I must say I was truly shocked at finding the driver, driving it so cautiously.. and slow LOL….!

    • Jon Bowen

      Thanks for your comments! That would be my wife. She drives it to work almost every day and she has received written memoirs of driving to fast before 😉

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