Why buy a tune from Ortiz Performance? When you buy from Ortiz Performance, you aren't just buying another canned tune that will WORK on your car, you're investing in both the health and performance of your vehicle to ensure longevity and an increase in power output by purchasing a tune that is designed specifically for your vehicle's optimal performance. When you purchase a tune from some tuners, you are buying an "off the shelf" tune that worked fairly well on someone else's car and SHOULD be good enough for yours. At Ortiz Performance, we don't want GOOD ENOUGH, we strive to get the most power available from your power combination while also working to improve fuel mileage, engine health, and other factors others overlook.
With our tunes, datalogging isn't just an option, it's a requirement. We firmly believe that no two cars are the same, and datalogging to ensure both the health of your engine and optimal performance output are an essential part of the tuning process. We'll work with you to identify areas of improvement, and provide as many revisions as it takes to get you dialed in. Each tuner has their own tried and true process, but we feel our datalogging process is what's needed to ensure safe but powerful performance.
Please allow 2-3 business days for initial tune file. With your base file you will also received detailed instructions on how to datalog, along with our personalized PID configuration file.
Ortiz Performance Custom Tune (Mustang + F-150)

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