The addition of a high performance air-to-air intercooler is the most important upgrade for turbocharged Ford EcoBoost engines. Also known as the ‘C-A-C’ (Charge Air Cooler) – the cooler the charge air temp the better your chances are of preventing knock. Under boost, OEM coolers can reach 190-220F at max load. With only the Full-Race Intercooler upgrade installed temps can drop 90 degrees and keep the inlet temps at or near ambient. We use efficient and durable bar-and-plate intercoolers with optimized Fin pitch, and expertly TIG welded gussetted brackets / endtanks in precise fixtures. This intercooler uses 2.5″ inlet / 2.5″ outlet and is available with water/meth bungs on the coldside charge pipe. Each intercooler is individually pressure tested to 50 psi before shipping.

Full-Race Focus RS Intercooler Features:

  • High Quality Bar and plate core, tested to 50psi
  • Bar and Plate Core: 4″ thick x 26″ long x 9″ tall
  • Hand fabricated thick aluminum, TIG welded endtanks
  • Billet MAP sensor flange welded to endtank
  • No cutting or drilling – plug and play

Full-Race Optional Charge Piping Kit (+349) :

  • 2 1/2″ High Grade Aluminum Intercooler piping
  • Direct factory replacement.
  • Durable wrinkle-Black powder coated
Full-Race 2016-18 Focus RS Intercooler and Piping

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