Jn2ning has been tuning Fords in the Central Texas area for the last 3 years. We have had the opportunity to work on various types of building including most supercharger and turbocharger options available. All tunes are done using a HPTuners nGauge and requires logs to be sent to us in order to provide revisions(These are not canned tunes).

Add ons available:
- Dedicated e85 tunes:
The use of ethanol will greatly increase fuel demand but allow you to make more horsepower out of the same set up compared to 93 octane. How ever larger injectors and/or a BAP will be required depending on how much power you plan to make.

Power Adder:
Only select these options if you have made any upgrades to the vehicle that fall under the category, eg upgraded from the M122 to a Trinity supercharger or if you plant run nitrous on top of the OE blower. Do not select the blower option just because you
vehicle came with a OE supercharger. 07-10 models requires a dyno or a wideband(sessions much be scheduled in advance
with us)

JN2NING Tuning w/ nGauge (07-14 GT500)

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