Omega Tune with nGauge 62001 Programmer.
$200 worth of HP Credits Included!

The "Basic" Omega tune will cover most bolt-on modifications. Including: Boss intake manifold, CAI, exhaust, long and short headers, aftermarket gears, and non-stock wheels and tires.

Omega is the last tune you will ever need for your 2018 F150 Coyote. No longer will you need to carry around your programmer "just in case". No more worrying about poor quality fuel. No more sacrificing economy for performance. NO MORE COMPROMISES!

We know that trucks live many different lives, and things can change at a moments notice. So we've designed this tune to handle anything you can throw at it.
Oz Tuning 18-20 F150 5.0 - Omega Tune w/ nGauge - Basic Mods

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