PBH Tested and Approved!

Looking to beef up your 6R80? Then order your PBH 6r80 Performance Intermediate Shaft

Our upgraded Intermediate Shaft is a direct replacement for your stock intermediate shaft. We have found in our testing that cars with big rear wheel horse power, smaller converters, bigger rear tires, and hard launches can break the stock shaft. By adding this billet upgrade you can rest assure that it will no longer be an issue. By teaming up Boninfante Friction, one of the top names in performance drivetrain, we can rest assure that the PBH 6r80 Performance Intermediate shaft will stand to the test in any 6R80 or 4R200 transmission.

We offer installation of this product in house. Call or order yours online today.

Key features:

-Mega Shaft is made of Maraging 300 steel

-Great for Nitrous, Supercharged, or Turbocharged applications

-requires professional installation

-can withstand 1000+rwhp

Power by the Hour 6R80 Billet Intermediate Shaft

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