Now Available from PBH is the Speed Drive Coyote Power Steering solution for 5.0L Coyote Swaps using the Gen 5 Whipple Supercharger. We have applied the same belt drive for the Naturally Aspirated Coyotes to add the Modular Ford Power Steering Pump to the Accessory Drive. We do this by relocating the Alternator from its oem location and installing the Power Steering pump in that location. By doing this we are placing the PS pump in the same location it is found on all Modular Ford Engines. This means easy fitment for all Fox Chassis cars and Modular powered F-Series trucks. So you can rest assure that if the chassis you are building can fit a Modular Ford Engine, then the Speed Drive will work for you.

We also provide the option to run either a Modular Ford AC Compressor or the Sanden SD7 7176. With these two options you can make sure that the HVAC system you are running in your build will have a compatible Compressor in the PBH Speed Drive.


All kits include:

-Alternator bracket

-Power Steering pump bracket

-AC Compressor bracket

-Serpentine belts

-Belt Tensioners

-Water Pump Pulley

-Installation hardware


Highlights of the Coyote Swap Accessory Bracket Kit:

  • Allows use of  Power Steering pump on Coyote engine

  • Works with 2011-up Mustang Coyote and 15-17 F150 Ecoboost alternator only. All alternators must have clutch-less pulley

  • Kit comes with brackets for all accessories, hardware, belt tensioner, and serpentine belts

  • All accessories retain factory position(96-2010) allowing original hoses and harnesses to be used

  • Brackets are made in the USA

  • Machined out of Billet Aluminum

  • Maximizes room in engine bay

Product Fitment:

  • Alternator from 2011-up Mustang GT (sold seperately)

  • All alternators require a clutch less pulley

  • Power Steering Pump from 1996-2010 Mustang GT  or GM Type II (sold seperately)

  • AC Compressor from 96-2010 Mustang GT or Sanden SD7 7176 (sold seperately)

  • Kit works with Mustang timing cover from 2011-up only

  • Newer design timing cover required(refer to gallery for photos of the timing cover)

  • Requires 3 bolt water pump

Accessories like the Power Steering pump, alternator, and AC Compressor are not included but can be added to the Speed Drive’s.

Power by the Hour Speed Drive Gen 5 Whipple Coyote Swap Kit

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