It’s been a long process to get to this point and we very much appreciate your patience and understanding. Getting the SRT-8 Solo High Flow Converter “right” was no easy task and then we needed to test it in three cars to make sure that there were no problems. Thank you so much RENFRICK1, NYCSRTATE, and RT ROB, for testing and giving us your invaluable feedback and opinions. We could not have done it without you! A big thanks to Renfrick1 for all the time and miles of driving from Connecticut to our Buffalo store to get this process started and ultimately finished!

Exhaust Kit Specs

• 200 cell stainless steel spiral wound design. This design is long lasting, ultra-high flow, and completely stainless inside and out.
• Converters are far overrated for the car, at 6.0L per side. That’s 12.0L of cleaning ability.
• Includes a special design stainless steel 3/8” thick front flange.
• All pipes, O2 bungs, and welds are stainless steel.
• For sound reasons we had to incorporate a free flow resonator behind the converter. With just the converter, the performance was great but the sound was horrible. With the addition of the resonator we now have great sound (about 15%-20% more noise overall) and performance.
• These converters are not CARB certified for the SRT-8, but they do pass all emissions and keep the CEL light off. • They are technically for off road use only.
• The converters passed the emissions test in Connecticut with flying colors.
• Each converter assembly is about 4 feet long. It goes from the manifold to the first connection.
• No CEL or engine lights to date!
• 100% BOLT ON!

Pipe, converter and resonator sizes

• Pipe – 3” mandrel bent stainless steel.
• Converter – 3” 200 cell.
• Resonator – 2 ½” free flow resonator.
• End connection – 2 ¾” stock connection size

Explanation of Free Flow Resonator Assembly: “Bigger is not always better”

The SRT-8 converter assembly “without” the resonator is unbearably loud and not in a good way. Being a virtually unsellable unit we decided to engineer a free flow resonator into the converter assembly. Of course we started off with a 3” resonator.

There were some drawbacks with sound quality and the “bottom end” had a bit too much lag. We decided to try a 2 ½” resonator after Renfrick1 was seriously contemplating going back to the stock converters and we are so glad we did. The sound quality is 100% and the bottom end power is significantly better. With the 2 ½” resonator on instead of the 3” Renfrick1 gained 2/10 of a second in the 1/8 mile.

Exhaust works on heat and pressure principles (among others) and these principles can be best illustrated using a “fire” and a “chimney flue.” If you have a proper sized fire, the flue heats up and the smoke is “drawn” up the flue because of the heat under pressure. Everything flows well and properly. If the “fire” is too small (or the flue is too big) the smoke languishes around and usually finds its way up the flue but it doesn’t flow properly. The flue (or the exhaust pipe) if too big hinders the flow. Just as the fire and flue have to be sized to “fit” each other for optimum performance so does the exhaust pipe size and the engine output.

Special requests for 3” resonators

If you are doing a supercharger, magnacharger or extreme engine mods the 3” resonator would make sense. We will make these on a special order basis and please call Steve to place this order. There will be “no additional charge” for this. We can’t stress enough that these 3” resonators don’t belong on SRT-8’s with normal mods such as intake, exhaust and a computer tune. Thanks so much for your patience and support! Please feel free to call, email, or post in this thread with questions.

Solo Performance SRT-8 Catalytic Converters 2008-2014 Dodge Challenger

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