The most versatile Multi-Wrench that delivers a precision repeatable performance. It will not wear out or fail in any situation. It can be your everyday wrench and get used over and over you can expect it to last forever.

The Worn Gear and slider shaft for the AN Adjustable Wrench Head offers the most rigid/parallel AN Adjuster Wrench Jaws for AN fittings. Fully Machine Polished and Anodized to ensure they look great and last a lifetime.

Offering a cool new quick pants belt loop hook to make it easy to be ready at all times for simple adjustments or those loose fittings. You will never go without when equipped with a UPR AN-12 Race Wrench.

Product Features

* -3 to -12 AN
* Opens to 1.55"
* Size 7" x 2.5"
* Best Pit Wrench
* Dzus Quick Turn Tool
* Custom Belt Loop Hanger
* Lightest and Strongest Design
* Heat Treated 7075 Aircraft Aluminum
* High Torque Worm Gear Never Loosens Up
* Faster and More Reliable Adjustments on the Fly
* Available in Red or Black Anodized Finish - Select Above

UPR Billet Adjustable AN Wrench

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