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Stage 3 DFT head unit version ported at the factory. Minimum recommended blower rpm 20,000 Minimum RPM on WOT shifts 16,250 Recommended for 900rwhp and above or 2.4" pulley and 10% lower on built engines with a rev-limit of 7000-7500 RPM vs stock engine rev-limit of 6500 RPM Below the recommended blower RPM the Stage 3 supercharger will make less boost and less torque. The ultimate supercharger upgrade for your 2007 through 2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Utilizing the latest patent-pending inlet port technology and Eaton 2.65 L TVS rotors the VMP Gen3R is able to produce amazing horsepower numbers. Available pulley sizes allow this supercharger to be run from 12 psi to 25 psi+. Smoother airflow path into rotors Uses stock GT500 throttle-body bolt pattern for an improved short turn radius. Overdrive lower pulley NOT required. 2013-2014 5.8 L Shelby GT500s with the factory 2.3 L TVS will see huge improvements with the VMP 2.65 L Gen3R TVS due to the higher twist and resultant efficiency increase with the new 2.65 L rotorpack. You can expect 750-800+ rear wheel horsepower with a 2.6?-2.5? upper pulley on the stock engine. 800 rwhp is the recommended safe limit on the stock engine and the VMP Gen3R can easily achieve that with supporting modifications and good fuel (E85 or 93+boostane). Built engines with forged pistons/rods, aftermarket camshafts, and cylinder head porting can see 1000+ rwhp depending on compression ratio and fuel used. 10% or 15% ATI overdrive pulley recommended and available from VMP. Gen3 and GenR require a minor modification to the cooling tower with the provided milling tool. VMP has designed a new line of monoblades around power, driveability, and tuneability. Use VMP 10 rib bolt-on pulleys with this supercharger and the 07'-14' Shelby GT500, Pulley Size For stock engines on 93 octane we recommend a 2.8? on the 5.8 L and a 2.8? on the 5.4 L For stock engines on 91 octane we recommend a 2.9? on the 5.8 L and a 3.0? on the 5.4 L

This Part Fits:

Year Make Model Submodel
2007-2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
VMP Performance 07-14 Ford Shelby Ford Shelby GT500 5.4L/5.8L Gen3R Head Unit Upgrade - Stage 3

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