Product Details

*(2015-2018 Voltage Booster Package Pictured)

Features and Benefits:

- Designed to increase street or racing fuel pump output by 50+%.

- Advanced, state of the art microcontroller design and SMD layout for high reliability.

- Microprocessor controlled voltage output. Provides stable voltage to fuel pump, regardless of battery input voltage.

- Fused (40a) input simplifies installation and provides pump protection.

- Multi-phase circuitry for maximum (>90%) efficiency.

- Extruded aluminum housing designed for superior thermal management.

- Plus and play harness to allow seamless installation.

* Note: Installation bracket included with 2015-2018 Plug-and-Play Voltage Booster Packages are not compatible with convertible models, and will need to be alternately mounted.

Vortech Maxflow Fuel Pump Boosters Ford Mustang Plug And Play Packages

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