ETS Ford Focus RS Turbo Kit 2016-18



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The Extreme Turbo Systems 2016+ Ford FocusTwin Scroll Turbo Kit is designed to give you the broadest powerband without sacrificing performance by using the latest turbocharger technology from Garrett. This is the end all kit for everyone looking for a street-able 500whp+ turbo kit.


  • Latest Turbocharger Technology
  • Quick Spool Twin Scroll Design
  • Instant Throttle Response
  • Genuine TIAL MV-S Wastegates
  • Genuine Garrett Turbocharger
  • All necessary parts for install
  • We sell the same products we run on our shop cars
  • Hand built in the USA


  • Your choice of Garrett GTX Gen 2 Turbocharger
  • ETS Twin Scroll Manifold
  • Twin TiAL MVS Wastegates
  • ETS Vent To Atmopshere Dump Tubes
  • ETS 3.0" Downpipe (connects to ETS Catback)
  • ETS 3.5" Intake pipe w/ 4.0" K&N Filter
  • ETS 2.5" Hotside Intercooler Pipe w/ Optional TiAL Blow Off Valve
  • Large 5/8 Oil Drain Line
  • -4 Oil Feed Line
  • Manifold Gasket
  • Water Fittings
  • Water Lines
  • Hardware and Clamps needed for install


  • Fits 2016+ Ford Focus RS
  • Designed to work with an ETS Exhaust System. 


    Arthur Bianchi's 2016 Ford Focus RS Build

    - TUNE+ Built Engine w/ Stock Cams
    - TUNE+ E60 Protune w/ Cobb Accessport
    - TUNE+ Modified Port Injection System (Uses Strat Rail)
    - TUNE+ Plug and Play 5 Bar MAP Sensor
    - ETS Twin Scroll GTX3076R Gen 2 Turbo Kit w/ Twin External Wastegate Dumps, and TiAL BOV
    - ETS Race Intercooler 
    - ETS V2 Catback
    - Xtreme Clutch Organic Twin Disk
    - Modified UPR Catch Can
    - Massive Oil Control Baffle and BS delete

    This has been quite a journey, a lot of "first" on this car that needed to be sorted along the way but the final results are well worth it. We worked very close with ETS as we usually do to make sure this kit was exactly what we wanted. A lot of back and forth and alterations and a lot of money was spent on overnight shipping hahah.

    On just wastegate pressure (~1BAR / ~13psi) this thing was making near 400whp on timing that we would run on a pump gas car. I was caught off guard as I predicted we would need well in the upper 20's for boost (hence the 5 bar map sensor lol) to make over 500whp as the car is on factory camshafts. This just goes to show how efficient the setup really is, and adding camshafts to the mix would just skyrocket the power up top and give us a lot more RPM to work with.

    Blah Blah Blah right? You just want to know what it made and go back to drinking your coffee.

    Peak Boost - 24psi
    Average Boost - 23.4psi
    Peak Timing - 8°
    Ambient Temp - 94.2°
    Humidity - 45.4%



    This car would easily press onto the 600whp mark but this engine was assembled before our headgaskets were done so we are leaving a little buffer. The car will be back to our shop this up and coming winter for more upgrades and we will probably do camshafts and a gasket then.

    A lot of guys out there are asking about this kit and how much it would make on pump gas. Based on these results, I would anticipate a 93oct Stock Engine RS to make 400-410whp and 400-410wtq. We will see for sure soon as we will be doing a 93oct tune on one here in the next month.