JN2UNING Deadhead Fuel System w/ Injectors (11-17 GT)



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The Jn2uning fuel system is meant to bridge the gap between a stock pump running on
a BAP and the triple pump kits that often times end up being overkill for most street
builds. The kit consists of the same OE dual fuel pump set up found on the current
Shelby GT350’s and thanks to the Aeromotive regulator it can be run with a 1:1 boost
reference to avoid fuel starvation under boost.
What’s included:
- GT350 fuel pump assembly w/fuel level sender
- 6AN PTFE hoses(stainless braided with outer black nylon braid)
- Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator(1:1 boost reference)
- 10 micron fuel filter
- 0-100psi fuel pressure gauge(1/8 NPT)
- All black AN swivel fittings
- Pre-wired dual fuel pump relay harness
- 9 page installation guide(PDF)
- PTFE hoses do not react to volatile fluid like CPE/Nitrile hoses and is perfect for
moving e85 and other corrosive fuels
- PTFE hoses have a working pressure of ~3000psi with a -76 to 500*f temperature
- Retains the use of stock fuel rails
- Adjustable base pressure (30-70psi)
- Fuel pressure rises on a 1:1 ratio with boost
- Kit was designed to be as stealthy as possible, from the black braided hoses and
fittings to the compact black Aeromotive regulator

This kit includes DW95 or ID1050X Injectors and the upgraded stainless filter media!

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