2021+ Bronco Baja Designs Fog Pocket Kit - Modular Bumper

2021+ Bronco Baja Designs Fog Pocket Kit - Modular Bumper

Jonathan Bowen

We just got the first of many Baja Designs products in for our 21 Bronco. This is the 447762UP which consists of a pair of S2 Sports in driving/combo, a pair of S2 Sports in Spot, and a set of Squadron Amber SAE in wide cornering. These guys are super easy to install and don't require any cutting or drilling. 

The kit comes with instructions, so as usual, we are focusing more on some helpful tips to show Bronco specific installation. You can use their guide as a baseline for mounting and setting up the lights themselves.

As always, everything from BD is top of the line with perfect fitment. We started by running our main harnesses down from the upfitter wiring area over the fender rail, and down the inner wheel liner. There is plenty of space and nothing tricky about it. We proceeded with running the large splitters to the desired locations. It is set up to run the S2s on one harness and the Squadrons on another. So you will tie together the S2s on each side, before going into the large splitter connecting side to side. Then, obviously, the squadrons connect directly to the larger splitter. Layout shown in picture below.

We tied our harness up to the inner most light bracket on the inside, as there is room for a cable tie behind where the light mounts. We then ran it across the bash plate tying the harness to the mounting brackets of the plate.

With the harness secure, you can pull any extra up into the engine bay. We looped it back over on itself and tied it securely to the inner fender, out of sight. 

Finally, the connections. They include a relatively high end "scotchlock" type connector to attach to the upfitter wiring. We chose to use switches 5 and 6, as a 5A relay is plenty for the lights draw. We do not generally like scotchlock style connectors, but the ones BD uses seem well made so we decided to try them and see how it holds up. This permits no electrical tools to be needed during install, just a simple plier squeeze. Behind the upfitter location, there are several grounds. Any of which can be used for the included eyelets! And boom, you're done! Aim them and you're on your way. Hit up Juggernaut Performance for your Baja Designs needs!