2021+ Bronco Flare Mockups

Jonathan Bowen

We've got a couple sets of flares kicking around waiting for Broncos to come in, so we figured we'd do a real quick install on the driver's front to compare! Most know how easy it is to remove and install at this point so we will get right to the photos! This is on stock Outer Banks 32s. Obviously you'd want some wheels and tires to fill the gap. We are chomping at the bit for ours to come so this is just a holdover.

First up is the stock Outer Banks painted flares (same as non painted, just...painted)


Next is the steel flares made by Bushwacker. Note these are great quality, and come with weather strip. They also bolt on, instead of quick release. Little more rugged and secure than the plastic ones. The included hardware is very nice as well. Big soft washers, nylock nuts, etc!


Finally we have Sasquatch flares!



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