Multiple throttle body and cold air kit combos as well as fuel plumbing kits! The fuel line kit with "Fittings" includes a plug and play PCV fitting and two barb fittings for purge valve and brake booster.

Finally, an affordable Coyote intake manifold that also performs! The Hi-Ram and Ultra Lo-Ram are designed to fit stock bolt pattern OE heads found on the 2011-2023 Ford 5.0 Coyotes and related engine families, such as, Voodoo and Predators. These kits include fuel rails for use with OEM type fuel injectors and clips, mounting hardware, and O-ring gaskets. Offered in black and natural as-cast finish, both manifolds have a 9.20-inch runner length and are designed to improve the mid to high RPM powerband.

The Ultra Lo-Ram provides an additional 19.4mm front and 42.6mm rear clearance compared to the Ford Performance Cobra Jet manifold, plus clears 2015-2023 Mustang factory hoods. Offered in both round and oval throttle body configurations, with replacement front inlets for easy interchangeability. The oval inlet can accommodate up to a 150x66mm single throttle body and 93mm on the round variant. Round inlets include standard mounting provisions for GT350, GT500, and LS 4-bolt throttle bodies. 2011-2023 GT throttle bodies can be used with the optional 717-18 adaptor.

The aggressively designed Hi-Ram is constructed in a two-piece design to accommodate for air to water intercoolers and feature up to 20% more plenum volume versus Ultra Lo Rams. This manifold design is only offered in an oval throttle body configuration.

As-cast aluminum construction: more durable for boosted applications, can be welded for modifications
Modular design: accessible runner entries for porting, allows accessories like intercoolers and nitrous plates
300-911 and 300-912 Ultra Lo-Ram will fit under stock hood with stock engine mounts in 2015-23 Mustang
Refined port design with streamlined injector boss for reduced turbulence without loss of flow area
Allows a variety of throttle valves including large monoblade, 2015-20 GT350, 2007-14 GT500, 2019-23 GT500, GM LS 4 bolt, 2011-23 Ford Mustang GT (with optional adapter PN 717-18)
Fuel rails with -8AN ports and dual 1/8 NPT accessory ports for gauges or Gen 3 direct injection fuel line hookup
300-911 and 300-912 front inlets can be interchanged between round and oval with service parts
Plenum Volumes: 300-910 9.8-liters, 300-911 8.4-liters, 300-912 8.2-liters
Two 1/8 NPT ports on all manifolds. Two 3/8 NPT ports on all manifolds, except 300-911 has one

Holley Hi-Ram Cast Intake Throttle CAI Intake Combo Packs (11-23 Mustang 5.0L Coyote)

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