Our tunes cannot accommodate for the removal or modifications to emission hardware.

Are you looking for more power for your 2017/18 powerstroke. Here is a tune package for all types of needs. Choose 3 of the following tunes.

Xtreme X:Awesome Power! having a crisp throttle, quick shifts, enchanced shift schedule and TC settings.
Xtreme Street:Excellent daily driver while maintaing crisp throttle response, firmer shifts, and fuel mileage gains.
Street:Daily driver with softer (stock like) shifts. While still being able to tow up to 10k lbs.
Tow:Safe for towing over 10k lbs. Enhanced shifting with later TC lockup. With the option of adding the Jake brake feature (vehicle specific).

Innovative Diesel 17-18 Ford 6.7L 3 Tune Package

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