All-New Modular Inlet
Dual Pass 3-Core High Efficiency Air-to-Water Intercooler
620whp/510wtq with FREE Powertrain Warranty
OE Fit and Finish
Supercharger Manifold Assembly - Featuring Eaton TVS 2650 Rotors
Dual-Pass 3-Core Intercooler for Lower IAT
Installs Under the Stock Hood
91 Octane Fuel Required
Fits 2018-2020 Manual and Automatic Transmission GT Mustangs

More Power for More Fun! Bone stock the 2018-2020 GT Mustang makes an awesome 460 Horsepower and 420 lb/ft of Torque which is already fun to drive. But after installing an Edelbrock E-Force Stage 1 Street Supercharger you will have 737 Horsepower and 600 ft/lbs of Torque to play around with. Edelbrock's unique Supercharger design allows for maximum low end torque and instant throttle response. You make all this extra fun (power) while only running 91 octane and will see little to no decrease in fuel economy.

Unique Supercharger Design. The heart and soul of Edelbrock's E-Force Supercharger is the Eaton Gen VI 2650 TVS Supercharger rotors. The Eaton Gen VI features a unique four lobe design with a full 160° of twist to provide maximum flow, minimum temperature rise, quiet operation, and everyday reliability. The inverted design places the supercharger down low in the valley, allowing for extra long runners to maximize low end torque.

DP-3C Intercooler. DP-3C refers to Edelbrock's new Dual-Pass Three Core design. The incoming intake charge is directed to pass through the three core intercooler twice for lower intake temperatures. Upon the first pass air is forced out from the rotors up through the center of the intercooler. On the second pass the air charge passes back through either side of the intercooler before entering into the runners. The DP-3C intercooler features 45% more surface area when compared to Edelbrock's previous design, that allows the E-Force Stage 1 Supercharger to obtain lower intake air temperatures for more horse power and torque.

The highlights of this kit include Edelbrock's Supercharger Manifold Assembly that features Eaton TVS Rotors, a Dual-Pass 3-Core Intercooler, a Dual Core Low Temperature Heat Exchanger, Goodyear® Gatorback™ Serpentine Belt, an Electric Intercooler Water Pump and Extruded Aluminum Fuel Rails. Custom dyno tuning is required for operation.

Application. This Edelbrock E-Force Stage 1 Street Supercharger Kit is specifically designed for use on the 2018-2020 GT Mustang equipped with 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine and a MT-82 manual and 10R80 automatic transmission.

Edelbrock 2018-19 Mustang GT 2.65L Supercharger - Stage 1 Tuner Kit

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