2010-2014 Mustang Chromoly 8 point weld in roll cage kit built to 8.50 cert specs. You will need to get your cage certified after it is installed. We expect this to fit 2005-2009 as well but that has not been verified yet.

We have spent countless hours developing our roll cage kits to insure proper fitment and give you a DIY kit that will look like a top notch chassis shop built it.

Best fitting cage kit on the market, clean and prep then ready to install. Comes fully notched for an easy installation. You will need to remove your windshield to install. Notching of the dash will be required to fit with the new cage bars along with slight trimming of the rear deck lid. Your carpet will also need trimmed to fit with the new cage.

The standard kit includes all floor plates made of 1/8″ thick steel, we use cold roll or P&O steel so there is no mill scale to sand off before you weld. If you have ever installed a cage you know this is a huge time saver! We include all the tubes to make your cage legal to run as fast as 8.50 in the 1/4 mile. A lightweight dash bar with steering column mounts is also included. This will clear your HVAC if placed carefully. We also offer two different seat back bars, one for stock seats (optional) and one for racing seats (included). The bar used for stock seats will set back further to allow room to scoot your seat all the way back. The bar used for racing seats is straight across and will allow you to use our seat back brace for seat support when installing Kirkey racing seats. We offer bolt in seat mounts for Kirkey Racing Seats and other Fixed Back Racing seats.

Optional 7/8″ gussets are available and we suggest adding them for extra strength.

All cage kits are build to order and take approximately 2 weeks to complete and ship. Standard truck shipping is flat rate $200 and will arrive on a pallet. Local pickup is free.


FatFab S197 Weld In 8.50 Cage Kit

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