Complete IRS Bushing Kit Includes: Aluminum Front diff supports with Aluminum shimming washers to set pinion angle,
Delrin Isolated Rear Diff Lowering Mount, UHMW IRS Subframe support set, Delrin Upper control arm bushings
and Hardcoated inner sleeves, Delrin Lower control arm bushings and Hardcoated inner sleeves with shimming washers, Combination UCA and LCA bushing grease fitting kit. One pair of Grade 8, 9/16" bolts with nylock nuts
and flat washers for the front subframe mounts.

This kit includes: FT 1000, FT 1100, FT 1200, FT 1401, FT 1500, FT 1600 and FT 1700
(The cost of purchasing the kits individually - $826.00)
(Save $31)
99-04 Mustang Cobra

FTBR FT5001 Complete 99-04 Cobra Bushing Kit

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