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GForce manufacturers these bolt-in axle shaft upgrades for the 2015-2020 Ford Mustang exclusively for Ford Performance. That’s why we are so excited to now offer them through our website and the GForce dealer network.

Heavy Duty Halfshafts!
When you start heavily modifying a Mustang with Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) the weak link quickly becomes the rear half shafts. This kit is a direct replacement for your originals and is CNC machined from aerospace high-alloy materials for strength and durability. These halfshafts feature billet one-piece 34 spline inner and 32 spline outer stub ends. The CV joints are severe duty with CNC billet centers all using Aerospace electrically bonded e-coating to resist corrosion.

Anti-Wheel Hop Technology
If you’ve attempted to go wide open throttle from a dead stop in your S550 Mustang then you’ve probably experienced bad wheel hop. These heavy duty halfshafts feature anti-wheel hop technology.

Fits 2015-2020 Mustang V6, GT and Ecoboost

More about GForce Engineering Half-Shafts
Our Outlaw 1500+hp axles are made for the guys that are really cranking out big power. These are the bad boys of IRS axles right here…

Outlaw axle bars are made from a billet high alloy aerospace material that is similar to 300m but stronger and with properties we have determined make for a strong and reliable axle bar. Material analysis testing found our material to have a higher tensile
strength then 300m.

We rate these axles to 1500+ HP based on what customers have realistically put down to the tires. They are designed to handle considerably more, but we rate them from real world results and feedback.

Our Outlaw axles also come with our custom designed, in-house billet CNC machined severe duty CV stars that provide more spline engagement area and travel then OEM cv stars. This results in a considerably stronger and longer wearing CV star. We custom designed our 31 spline axles and 31 spline severe duty CV joints to be the strongest axles on the market.

Our inner and outer stubs are a 1-piece CNC machined billet stub. 1-piece stubs give you the strongest design possible.


That’s right, Gforce Engineering now backs our axles with a Lifetime warranty.
We are so confident in our products and the fact that we very rarely get anything back for warranty that we decided to go to a Lifetime warranty. The Lifetime warranty is for the original purchaser of the product, if the product is transferred to another owner then it reverts back to a 2 year warranty from date of original purchase. CV and wear items are 1 year.

Renegade axles plus

  • The new Outlaw Axles will now include ARP bolts, isotropic super-finish (polished) CV's, and a stronger CV star design as premium offering at an increased price. Please review any part numbers you may have listed on your website so that pricing can be corrected. Many of the Outlaw part numbers should stay the same, but go up in price.
GForce 2015+ Mustang S550/S650 Outlaw Axles

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