The key to the 9000 series (Organic) is street drivability. This kit includes sprung centre cushioned organic discs. Fitted with anti rattle springs on the intermediate plate, a unique feature of the 9000 series the kit offer better than OE engagement and pedal feel whilst still providing a higher torque capacity. Mantic 9000 series clutches are twin disc, 9” (225mm) diameter modular clutches that are designed for high performance cars or track use. Mantic 9000 series are low MOI (Moment of Inertia) clutches that offer a level of performance not only superior to a single disc unit, but also allow you to select options that best suit you. All 9000 series clutches are made with premium quality materials designed to perform and last the distance. Offering up to 607ft lbs (820Nm) of torque drive capability, (Note: Mantic Torque capacity figures include a 1.5 saftey factor. Other manufactures may not include this safety margin in their torque capacity ratings and quote theoretical capacities. In this case they would rate this clutch as having a torque capacity of approx 910ft lbs (1230Nm).
Clutch Diameter 9.0"
Rated Torque (ft lbs) 607 ft lbs (820Nm)
Disc Spline 26.2mm
Disc No. Teeth 23
Disc Type Sprung Centre Cushioned
Disc Material Organic
Throwout Bearing No
Concentric Slave Cylinder including Bearing Yes
Alignment Tool Yes
Pilot Bush No
Flywheel Included Yes
Hardware Included Yes
Fitting Instructions Yes
Mantic Clutch Kit - 9000 Series Sprung Street Organic Twin Disc 11-17 GT

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