Our H-Beam Connecting Rods are made from 4340 billet material, heat treated to increase tensile strength and shot peened to increase fatigue life. All rods have a wear resistant bronze bushing for long wrist pin life and feature ARP2000 material bolts that are custom made for us by ARP. All MOLNAR TECHNOLOGIES connecting rods are finished here in the USA at our factory near Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Sizes are held to +/- .0001" which are the tightest tolerances you will find in the racing industry!

*All Domestic connecting rods include ARP2000 bolts.

CH6125NLB-LST8-A Chevy LS PWR ADR™ 6.125 654 7/16" 2.225 0.927 0.940 1.010 $ 736.32

Molnar Technologies Chevy LS Power Adder Connecting Rods

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