Motion Raceworks ALL NEW Coyote Ford 5.0 Engine Diaper is now available. Protect your investment and personal safety with this ENGINE OIL RETAINMENT DEVICE. NHRA and IHRA Approved!Featuring STANDARD Kevlar strapping for ultimate heat resistance and strength, this oil retainment device is more functional than any engine diaper on the market for the Coyote platform. Our design allows for installation IN CAR. The detachable Kevlar motor mount section allows you to snake the engine diaper around the kmember and pan and buckle around the top of the motor mount. Featuring 4 corner quick release tension straps, install and maintenance are a breeze. This diaper makes changing oil, or accessing any turbo drain lines a breeze.

Features include:

  • NHRA approved
  • IHRA approved
  • Replaceable absorbent pad
  • STANDARD Kevlar strapping
  • CNC Laser cut/formed Stainless hardware
  • Quick Release Motor Mount Section allows for IN CAR installation
  • Quick tension/release verticle straps
  • Two lateral tension straps make tightening around turbo drainlines a breeze
  • Versatile design allows for fitment on multiple mod motor platforms
  • Designed to fit MUSTANG S197 S550 and Truck oil Pan
Motion Raceworks 5.0 Coyote Engine Diaper, NHRA & IHRA Approved (For Motor Mounts, w/Cutouts)

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