For E85 capability please select from the drop down menu and then add the correct flex fuel kit to your cart if you do not have it already. Kits can be found HERE

Forced induction covers out of the box kits. For custom setups or crazy setups please reach out for pricing.

Please email with questions or reach out on FB.

Matt Sorian has been specializing in domestic EFI performance and vehicle tuning for over 16 years. From EFI Tuning to Project Management he can handle your race or street car needs.

Specializing in the Following Areas of Expertise:

  • 16+ Years In Domestic EFI
  • Factory ECU Tuning
  • Aftermarket Engine Management Systems
  • Remote Support
  • Project Management
  • Forced Induction Setups
  • Trackside Support
  • Dyno Operation
MS Tuning GM Tuning

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